Top 5 Things to Know About Selling Your House

  1. The current market – Having a trusted Real Estate agent that can educate you on the current local and national market is key to selling your house fast AND maximizing your net proceeds.
  2. Price Point, CMA – You don’t want to overprice, you don’t want to underprice… Learning the strategies on where to price your house is key when selling!
  3. Condition of Home/Updates/Repairs – Worried about unforeseen repairs during the selling process? Want to know what may need updating before listing? With the right Agent, knowing about current market home updates and expected repairs and how to negotiate those items are important in maximizing your net proceeds.
  4. Setting Realistic Expectations – You don’t want a pushing car salesman selling you… Realistic expectations and a proven strategy are essential when finding the right listing agent.
  5. Trusted Relationships – Experience and relationships in any business help clients. Real estate is no different.

Sell Your House Quickly